Why trust the biggest purchase and investment of your life to working with me?

Because I am The Realtor That Works.

I love helping my clients sell or find new homes with as little stress as possible - and that means going the extra mile to help in any way I can. Throughout my nine years as a Realtor, you may have seen me painting the doors of my clients’ kitchen cabinets or jumping in to lend a hand moving furniture. I have a very strong work ethic and that translates into doing what I can for you! That’s why I’m The Realtor That Works and that’s why you can trust me with your buying or selling process.

I feel that my strongest value-added strength comes from the staging process I have developed for selling homes. I have a strong background and particular skill in home staging, thanks to my experience in the arts and design. Plus, I really enjoy it and have a certain affinity for it!


Step 1

I start off with a decluttering consultation to help you get sorted; I will even actively participate if you need me to! My downsizing clients tend to find this particularly helpful, as I assist with managing and facilitating the decluttering.

Step 2

As I previously mentioned, I then help out with all the little things that need to be done to sell the home, from small repairs, to painting, to moving furniture. I am happy to arrange for larger repairs as needed.

fixing house for sale

Step 3

Once we’re all set, I help with the staging. I tend to use the clients’ own furniture, edited and augmented with my own objects if needed, and I generally stage up to two bedrooms.

It’s really an enjoyable process for me and I love seeing how happy my clients are with our preparations for showing.

With my first-time homebuyers, I like to bring a sense of calm and patience to their buying process. Things are busy enough, so I like to help them through the whole procedure. I walk them through what it means to go on open house tours, what offers look like, what subjects mean, and how a sale is completed. And I am with them every step of the way throughout this process. Not only do I like to clearly and patiently explain everything, I help them manage their expectations. This effort helps reduce the stress of buying a home, especially when it’s so new and potentially overwhelming to first-time buyers.

Although I mainly work in and around Vancouver, I also love to work in White Rock, Richmond, and Coquitlam/Port Moody. I am particularly skilled at working with families at all levels of schooling, and I’m familiar with catchments for both English and French schools, specifically in Vancouver.

I have a superior team of professionals with whom I am affiliated, from house inspectors, to mortgage brokers, to notaries, to my long-time photographer, bOB Homer of Lethologica. I even work with downsizing professionals and have all kinds of professional colleagues to call on when we have additional tasks to manage.

More About My Background

Now that you know more about me and my process, you can see why I’m called The Realtor That Works!
Give me a call so we can see how I can work for you!