Mother Mother

Today is a lovely, sunny day and I have just finished this April Wellness Boot Camp that had me drinking tea in a sunny window, listing my blessings daily, eating whole foods and reaching out to hug my kids more

April Fool

It is that time of year again…yes, it’s gardening season! I come from a long line of green thumbs, however I was not blessed with this particular super power. Not to worry though, I have many experienced gardeners in my

March Memories

Well, here we are a year later from the month things went decidedly different. I think the general consensus is ‘Isn’t it over yet?’ but unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the virus, the medical experts and the powers

Covid Romance – Part II

Hello, Hello, Hello ! I love candy. But mainly, I – LOVE – sour candies. I like the squishy ones, the crunchy ones the ones shaped like tablets, the ones that look like lemons or watermelon slices, anything covered in

Is it Safe to Come out Yet?

So, just a week or so into 2021 and it feels pretty much exactly the same so I am not ready to make any pronouncements about the ‘improved’ quality of this new year just yet. But, as they say –

December Dreamin’

Oh my gosh, what a year we have had, where should I start?! Of course it must be said what a treasure the time spent at our vacation home in the Maldives has been…what with the crazy schedule we have

Not Normal November.

Nothing about this year has been typical amiright?! And in keeping with this ‘theme’, I decided to get things rolling early in the way of Christmas preparations. Basically from the moment the last Halloween decoration was packed up (November 1),

This is Halloween!

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Over the years, we (my family and I) have tried to visit every pumpkin patch in the lower mainland. And there are many! We have headed out to different locations in Pitt Meadows, Langley

Are We Back?

Back to school…sort of. I gotta hand it to the VSB pulling this new iteration of school out of their butts after a summer of vacation. I am just thrilled that my kids understand the cryptic schedules they have been

Say Cheese!

Here’s a little earworm for you. You’re welcome. If you’re coughing and you know it, hold the phone If you’re sickly and you know it, rest alone If you’re aching and your shaking, and your head is close to baking

Is It Summer Yet?

Here’s a fun fact about me. I talk about the weather a lot. Yes, I do. Lately it has come to my attention that I actually notice, consider and discuss the weather an excessive amount of time. I check the

A Covid Romance!

How do I love thee, let me count the ways; 1. Netflix 2. Instagram 3. You Tube 4. Pinterest 5. Disney Plus 6. Gem TV…. OK, we all know that I am not normally a fan of social media or