February is Here!

Ah February, that special time of year when young and old get a twinkle in their eyes and thoughts turn to that of…SOCCER! (or football for the non-North Americans) I just can’t believe my youngest has been playing now for


Happy New Year All! We have big plans for 2022 let me tell you!  One of my most significant projects is already underway and I have been lost in my house for days.  ‘What am I doing?’ you ask, well

Oh Tannenbaum!

For as long as I can remember, my parents would always have a live Christmas tree.  My Dad would go out into the forest and bring some sad, scraggly specimen back and then with his magical, crafty, super powers (and

November News!

So lately I have been made aware that something or more accurately, some animal has moved into my attic.  I am tremendously curious about what exactly it or they are doing.  Yes, probably hiding out from winter but whatever it is, it

Dress Up Time!

DIY Halloween Costume – Step by Step Guide November 1 – gush over all the ah-may-zing costumes that were on display the night before, create list of new, potentially legendary options, brainstorm costumes that should have been worn, will be

Play On…

Many years ago, my Mother, in her questionable wisdom, decided I was going to learn to play the piano. So she found me a teacher and from the age of 6 through to 17, every Thursday night at 6 PM,

Fair So Fair

PNE! It’s back! I am sure everyone has a fond memory of a day at the PNE! I have been many times over the years but I never realized I was doing it wrong for so long until I got

So Hot for July

Well bless my soul, it’s July! Like many of you, I live for the summer months and the change from routine and the daily grind. Not because I actually get a break from my everyday tasks but somehow, once school

Glad Grad!

It’s happening again! I have another child graduating this month. And this is a completely different situation on so many levels… First, we are coming at this milestone from an entirely different gender angle. Now, I get that there are

Mother Mother

Today is a lovely, sunny day and I have just finished this April Wellness Boot Camp that had me drinking tea in a sunny window, listing my blessings daily, eating whole foods and reaching out to hug my kids more

April Fool

It is that time of year again…yes, it’s gardening season! I come from a long line of green thumbs, however I was not blessed with this particular super power. Not to worry though, I have many experienced gardeners in my

March Memories

Well, here we are a year later from the month things went decidedly different. I think the general consensus is ‘Isn’t it over yet?’ but unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the virus, the medical experts and the powers