November Nostalgia

I think I was 10 when I started watching the Donny and Marie show and I thought they were so funny and talented and Marie was so ah-mah-zing and Donny was….eeeww boys!

So, this month I get to see them live as they are ending their 11 year run in Vegas at the end of November.  I am taking my girls and have been making them watch You Tube re-runs of their 70’s variety show by way of an introduction.  Incredibly, they can still engage this generation with their corny comedy and covers of current pop music.  What I remember most about this duo and what I suspect keeps them so entertaining, is their chemistry.  They always seemed to me to be having the time of their life roasting each other and kidding around and I have been told they still put on an incredible show so I am really looking forward to seeing them. 

Also, Las Vegas.  I have never been…had never been (sorry, this post has taken a while to write). So, we are just back from the overwhelming sensory diarrhea that is Las Vegas, Sin-City, Gambling Capital of the World!  Yikes, that place is seriously Extra!  It is so awesomely spectacular to behold.  Everywhere you look is some completely over the top architectural re-creation, transplanted iconic city feature, lights and display extravaganza and of course there is the endless imbibing of vice after vice in plain sight…WOW.  Considering how offended most people have become lately about pretty much everything that is on display for your enjoyment in this city, I am surprised there hasn’t been more of a back-lash in recent years to shut this puppy down.  Dancing Girls still work on top of the casino tables and bars, half-naked Chippendale dancers come looking for your money and your hugs on the strip and cars with giant billboards selling sex continue to drive up and down the boulevard.  Lots of people have a drink in their hand and everyone seems to be having a fantastic and very non-confrontational time considering how many are probably drunk.  You may be wondering about now why I would subject my impressionable teens to this inappropriate environment.  To be fair, Vegas is much more tame during the day and the girls were so busy shopping and taking pictures of giant Hershey chocolate bars that they were spared much of the seedier side of the night-life.  

Suffice to say, a great time was had by all.  Donny and Marie delivered in spades, we got some sun by the pool and we were fully beguiled by all that this city promised to deliver.  It was an experience for sure.  And I definitely need a vacation from this particular vacation.

Immersing myself in the preparatory chaos of next month’s holiday season seems like just the thing! 

*cue weeping* 

See you all next month!