Out Like a Bomb!

I bet you didn’t think when we moved the clocks forward a couple weeks ago that we’d be entering the Twilight Zone! Just a few short weeks since my last newsletter and life has changed quite dramatically in that time. First and foremost, I hope you are all well, healthy and have enough soap. Second, I figure you are all pretty much saturated with the news reports and the daily restrictions imposed on life and work not to mention the sobering reality that school is now officially a fond memory with Spring Break over and the kids still fast asleep in their beds at… noon! All I can say regarding the promise of on-line school is…HURRY UP!

But, this newsletter isn’t about discussing the finer details of a well sealed face mask or the best way to make Spam a viable main course. No, I heard an interesting prediction that we may be in for a small baby boom as early as December!

Thankfully I am well beyond that terrifying possibility, but it got me thinking about all the happy consequences of this forced isolation. And, there are many! Besides the planet getting a well-deserved break from CO2 emissions and other Greta Thunberg approved horrors, we can look forward to;

– no more Rush Hour traffic
– eating snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner
– wearing pajamas all day for maybe months
– superb excuse to decline all those social obligations you wanted to ditch anyway
– you can get to all the projects you put on hold until you ‘had more time’…
– like getting a jump start on your Halloween costume
– no kids currently peeing in public pools
– if you try cutting your own hair, your mistakes will probably grow out before you have to face your friends in public. Ditto your kids’ hair.
– whether or not you cut your hair, you will probably have the most consecutive days of great hair (Murphy’s Law)
– no one will ‘accidentally’ eat your lunch at work
– a solid defense for why you won’t make it to the gym for like, the next 4 months
– no one judges you buying 6 bags of chips per shopping expedition (actually maybe they do, but at least it’s not toilet paper)
– I think ‘gluten intolerance’ has been cured (judging by the empty bakery and pasta shelves)
– a new appreciation for your dog’s obsession to go outside for a walk when you used to get home from work
– binge-watching Netflix all day is now considered socially responsible behaviour
– Tik Tok dance skills will be killer
– no Jehovah’s Witness visits
– if you qualify for one of the many new Government pay-roll subsidies, it will be like getting paid to stay home and do laundry
– naps
– day-drinking

Anyway, I read once that, ‘the problem isn’t really the problem, the problem is our attitude to the problem.’ So we have to find ways to keep laughing every day, keep the perspective and keep the faith so we can all make it out the other side of this challenge with our mental health intact.

I sure hope I can laugh off my Corona-15 (lbs).

Stay safe my friends!