Well bless my soul, it’s July! Like many of you, I live for the summer months and the change from routine and the daily grind. Not because I actually get a break from my everyday tasks but somehow, once school is finished in June, I switch to holiday mode. With no schedules or commitments, life just seems less hectic.

With the exception of feeding the family. I guess it isn’t so much hectic as it is vexing. You see, no one feels like eating and I sure don’t want to turn on the stove when the weather gets to sub-inferno levels but as the parent, I am compelled to have sustenance of some kind in the house. I can usually get motivated to scramble some eggs on toast for breakfast but as the temperature rises and my enthusiasm for culinary genius wanes, by dinnertime, I am the one suggesting a bag of chips with a frosty side of ice cream bars which leaves me awash in a crisis of parental obligation fails. Don’t get me wrong, I do pull it together from time to time and prepare my specially curated menu of grilled hotdogs and grocery store potato salad but the daily dinner hour is pretty bleak around here until late August or so.

I promise you though, regardless of my seasonal cooking hiatus there is always food and since my kids like to tease me that I never let them ‘make a mess’ in my kitchen, I offer them this perfect opportunity to go for it.

And so ends that pathetic disclaimer to absolve me from criticism relating to recent events I am about to share…

Once upon a time there were three children. A big brother a middle sister and a baby sister, one day when their mother was away at work, the three kids decided that they were very hungry and went to the kitchen to look for something to eat. Big brother looked in the fridge at the deli meats and cheeses, the pickles, salad fixings and bread and said, “there is nothing good to eat”, the middle sister opened the cupboard, noted the cans of tomatoes, rotini and spaghetti sauce and exclaimed, “there is nothing good to eat” and finally the baby sister regarded the large fruit bowl on the dining table over-flowing with fresh delectable treats and declared, “there is lots to eat but I don’t want to eat any of that food”. So they decided then and there to call Uber Eats and spend many dollars on a Subway footlong, a baked spaghetti bolognaise and a burger and fries (come on, nobody orders fruit salad to go). The End.

And so it goes, the strange and wonderous workings of the minds of my off-spring… #soproud

Good luck with your dinner plans tonight one and all; might I suggest you order a pizza from Rocky Mountain Flatbread!

So Hot for July