Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet,

Over the years, we (my family and I) have tried to visit every pumpkin patch in the lower mainland. And there are many! We have headed out to different locations in Pitt Meadows, Langley and Aldergrove, Chilliwack, Ladner, Richmond and Southlands. They were all appropriately decorated and offered various distractions from corn mazes and ‘haunted’ forest walks to hayrides and animal petting corrals plus we always came away with some cute pictures and an impressive assortment of pumpkins for carving.

If I am honest though, in recent years, we ended up just heading to the Superstore pumpkin patch because unfortunately, the over-arching commonality with all these festively, frightening farms, is the mud – so much mud – because, of course, it was usually raining and the kids could barely walk after about 5 minutes in the farmer’s field due to all the muck sticking to their little rubber boots not to mention someone would invariably fall into said muck which would then lead to tears, a costume change, some wildly unhealthy compensatory snack and the subsequent premature end to our ‘happy’ family excursion.

Whatever, the kids are older now and less clumsy (sort of) so this year we thought we might resurrect this time honoured classic in an effort to support local business and help our economy from sinking further in the toilet (I don’t think we could buy that many pumpkins) nevertheless, we went to our usual place and OMG, when did it get so expensive to sit in a cold, grimy wagon full of dusty straw bales to go into an equally grubby garden to pick a muddy pumpkin? Apparently I am sorely out of touch with the business model of a successful Halloween Holiday attraction! Yikes is all I can say…yikes! That said, we paid a King’s ransom for ONE pumpkin and then carried on to the grocery store for the remaining half dozen needed in order to adequately adorn our front stairs. Which leads me to the realization that I may have to reconsider next month’s Christmas tree outing.

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween, here’s hoping that next year brings us a little closer to our pre-Covid way of life so the mini ghosts and goblins are able to come back out in greater numbers. (I have a serious amount of left-over candy to eat)


This is Halloween!