Are We Back?

Back to school…sort of. I gotta hand it to the VSB pulling this new iteration of school out of their butts after a summer of vacation. I am just thrilled that my kids understand the cryptic schedules they have been

Say Cheese!

Here’s a little earworm for you. You’re welcome. If you’re coughing and you know it, hold the phone If you’re sickly and you know it, rest alone If you’re aching and your shaking, and your head is close to baking

Is It Summer Yet?

Here’s a fun fact about me. I talk about the weather a lot. Yes, I do. Lately it has come to my attention that I actually notice, consider and discuss the weather an excessive amount of time. I check the

A Covid Romance!

How do I love thee, let me count the ways; 1. Netflix 2. Instagram 3. You Tube 4. Pinterest 5. Disney Plus 6. Gem TV…. OK, we all know that I am not normally a fan of social media or

Maybe May?

So, here we are, still keeping a safe distance from everyone and hoping life will return to normal one day in the not to distant future. I must say, once I got over the initial adjustment to having the kids

Out Like a Bomb!

I bet you didn’t think when we moved the clocks forward a couple weeks ago that we’d be entering the Twilight Zone! Just a few short weeks since my last newsletter and life has changed quite dramatically in that time.

In Like a Lion!

What a month already! I was getting ready to tell you all about my daughter’s imminent school trip to France and how I did the same trip when I was her age and how it was a transformative experience and

Love a Dub Dub!

Remember those old time Valentine card craft books? You had to cut your own cards out and then paste together the envelopes. They had cute drawings with awful love puns and no matter how careful I was, they always turned