Back to school…sort of. I gotta hand it to the VSB pulling this new iteration of school out of their butts after a summer of vacation. I am just thrilled that my kids understand the cryptic schedules they have been given because they are devoid of the most basic information you think a student would need in order to get to school on time. I still don’t know how you figure out what time you need to actually be at school. One daughter has classes in blocks three and four listed on her timetable but I think there are only two blocks a day; morning and afternoon so how that works is a mystery to me.

Anyway, after this crazy year so far, I have just decided I am all about the upcoming holidays. And I don’t care if it will be just me and my immediate family participating together due to any further lockdowns being imposed on us. I figure, I’m just gonna focus on the positive occasions, the food, the decor and the drinks that will take us happily through to the end of this Millennial’s, medical, meteorological and moth-y chapter of humanity and hopefully onto a fresh page of happier times. Side note, I am fully aware that these particularly trying events just happen irrespective of time/dates and/or season but it’s nice to dream I could wake up on January 1, 2021 and the sun will be shining and Covid will, for no apparent reason, be something you can cure with a martini, just saying.

I already bought a turkey, stuffed crows, Halloween candy, stocking stuffers and noise makers for Dec 31st and not in that order. I am also starting to consider some new, show stopping desserts and main courses because it might be a good idea to buy those ingredients now before some person decides that passion fruit puree or essence of lotus flower oil is an essential product and buy up a Province worth supply…hey, it could happen! Alright, so I don’t actually know of a recipe that calls for either of those things but based on the Great Toilet Paper Famine of earlier this year, I have deduced it is very important to pre-think these logistics so I am not caught on December 24th without say, tape! (not so outrageous right?!)

So, I will send you part two of my Holiday Mania Strategy next week as I am woefully behind in my newsletter publication this month and October is in exactly 6 days.

Hang in there people, I think Halloween festivities can ‘cure’ or at least take your mind off just about anything. Oh, and if anyone else is interested, I am totally personally willing to run trials on my martini theory (anything for science sake!)

Are We Back?